BPRD - Giurescu's Shadow

A letter from a Ghost

A brief encounter between the first and second adventures

Upon returning from their first mission, Ichthus finds a letter in his room. It appears to be from Agent Lock, and almost reads like a GI death letter, like the last words of a man who knows he is going on his final mission.

Icthus takes the letter to his senior agent, Raven, who is deeply upset by it, and takes it to Professor Corrigan. There is a verbal exchange between them. Raven wants to go after Vlad, stating that “that son of a b—— killed my brother!” Professor Corrigan asks her to be patient, and says that they can discuss it in the morning. Raven storms off, still profoundly upset. This is Ichthus’ first indication that Lock is Raven’s brother.

Ichthus takes off after her and tries to comfort her, but Raven is inconsolable and slams her door shut behind her. Ichthus then takes the letter and heads to the infirmary where his teammate Priest is passed out, recovering from his injuries. Ichthus leaves the letter along with a note explaining the evening’s events on the night table, and goes to bed himself.



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