BPRD - Giurescu's Shadow

Game Night 3/2/11

Picking up from last week, Ichthus and Priest (along with Ichthus’ police dog Gorgeous) were immediately engaged by four vicious zombie dobermans. They were outnumbered and it wasn’t going well for them. Just when they thought it might be the end, they hear gunshots and two of the dogs disappeared in a puff of fur, blood, and bone. Raven and Greensleeves rounded a corner and Raven opened up with her pair of FN Five-SeveNs, neutralizing half of the immediate threat. Priest and Ichthus were able to finish off the other two. Unfortunately, there were eight kennels…

With rapidly approaching barking and snarling in the background, they made their way to the front door and were able to use a found security badge to get in. In the lobby, they were confronted by two undead security guards. Between the five of them, they made short work of the guards, but heard more moaning and shambling in the next room. Had Zinco been dabbling in some sort of voodoo? Were they trying to create some kind of super soldier? Where did all these zombies come from???

Wisely, the team decided to head upstairs rather than deal with the brain-eaters in the next room. They conducted a quick sweep of the second, third, and fourth floors of the facility, hoping to find either Agent Hazel or some evidence of where she might have been. They were able to turn up a few files and notes which mentioned inter-dimensional gateways, but nothing necessarily having anything to do with undead, which deepened their confusion. Had Zinco opened up a portal to some kind of zombie dimension?

They found and dispatched five more of the living dead, this time four company executives and one more guard. Finally, on the top floor of the building, they opened a door and found themselves staring down the barrel of a Glock. Relieved to see fellow BPRD agents, Agent Hazel, still among the living, collapsed into their arms. Agent Hazel briefly explained that the facility had discovered a way to open a portal into another dimension, using a prototype Ragna Rok engine to power the gateway. She was not present at the time the event took place, so she could only guess that something, some malevolent entity, had stepped through the portal and taken control of the facility. Whatever it was, it seemed to have the power to raise the dead to use as mindless slaves. Whatever it was, it was still in the building somewhere.

The team decided that they didn’t want to find this thing. They reasoned that their primary objective was to find and extract Agent Hazel safely, and that whatever this thing was, the cleanup crew could deal with it.

They quickly made their way back down to the main entrance, and upon opening the front door to make their exit, found themselves staring down four more snarling zombie dobermans.

To be continued next week…



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