BPRD - Giurescu's Shadow

Game Night 3/23/11

Way late again.

While Chief Hitchens and Priest work on the computers on the bridge, Raven, Ichthus, and Gorgeous remain in the radio room. Raven confides in Ichthus that she doesn’t trust her ability to lead this team while she is worried about her brother, and she puts Ichthus in charge of the team.

On the bridge, Chief Hitchens is finally able to rescue an audio log file. It is mostly corrupted, but a small piece of it can be made out. It appears to be several seconds of chaos, including screams, gun shots, and some kind of inhuman wailing sound. It is terrifying to hear. The players are curious as to why gun shots and chaos can be heard on the log, but the ship appears to be unscathed, undamaged from any kind of battle.

Just then, a constant tapping is heard coming from belowdecks. The decision is made to do a fast door to door search of the entire ship. This time they take Chief Hitchens and Gorgeous with them. As they make their way through the ship, they continue experiencing power fluctuations, and the lights keep going out. They begin to hear voices telling them that they must get the ship back to shore. As the lights come on briefly, they think they glimpse a crewman down the hall, who just as quickly disappears. Priest hears a shuffling from above him, and notices a vent above his head, from which he gets the distinct impression that he is being watched. He uses his demon eyes to gaze into the spirit world, and is surprised to see nothing. Perhaps this isn’t a spiritual threat as they had previously assumed?

Behind the next door they check, they find who appears to be an injured, unconscious crewman. They revive him, and he tells them repeatedly that they must get the ship back to the shore. When they try to question him, his face distorts hideously as he repeats one more time that they must get the ship back to the shore, and then he disappears.

Ichthus hears a shuffling sound coming from an air vent in the room. He forces the grate off the vent and he hears a scuttling sound coming from further inside. They check several more vents with the same result. Finally, they stick a remote camera inside the vent and shoot down the vent that runs the length of the ship. Though they can’t quite make out what it is, they see that there is some kind of blockage in the vent.

They leave the camera in place and resolve to go check the corresponding vent on the far end of the ship, to see if they can see this blockage from the other side. As they make their way down the hall, Priest, watching his remote monitor, sees something that looks like a tentacle snake down the vent toward the camera, and the picture goes to static. They run back to the room and find the camera in pieces, and there is some unidentifiable viscous substance dripping from the vent. They take a sample and run it through the mass spectrometer they brought with them. The spectrometer is unable to classify the substance as anything terrestrial in origin.




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