BPRD - Giurescu's Shadow

Game Night, 3/9/11

better late than never...

Picking up from last week’s adventure, the players had found Agent Hazel and were going to make their escape from the Zinco facility. Unfortunately for them, when they opened the door, they found themselves facing down four more zombie dobermans.


The door closed just in time. But now they had to analyze their situation and make some tough decisions. The last time they faced these dogs, they almost died. Granted, this time they had one more person in their party, but she might end up just being more collateral damage.

Finally, Raven spoke up.

“Guys, I’m not sure running away from this is the right thing to do. Right now there’s some kind of extra-dimensional creature running rampant in here, and if we don’t stop it, it could get loose in a more populated area. Do you really want that on your hands? I’m willing to risk my life to try to stop this thing. The ‘D’ in BPRD stands for Defense, right?”

The other agents reluctantly agreed. They took a moment to prepare themselves psychologically for the battle ahead, and then moved on.

Agent Hazel was able to use her knowledge of the facility to guide the team to the lab in the basement, the most likely place the being would have stepped through the gate. He might still be there.

In a stairwell, on the way down, they confronted more zombies, dispatching them quickly and efficiently now that they had a better feel for fighting the things. They soon found themselves right outside the main entrance to the security control center, which would be the most direct route to the lab. But Priest stopped the team dead in its tracks. His eyes allowed him to see into the spirit world to a small degree, and even now he could see that there was something otherworldly and hostile in the security room. It was big, it was mean, and it was really pissed off.

They staged themselves outside the double doors and prepared to do battle. When they were ready, they used their security key card to open the doors. They were unprepared for the horror of what awaited them.

It was easy to see how, in the past, things like these had somehow stumbled into our world, in those areas where the walls between worlds were thinnest, and had been mistaken for demons. It was clear where Judeo-Christian mythology had gotten its concept of what the devil looked like. This thing was no demon, but it certainly looked like one.

Towering eight feet tall, with horns, blazing red eyes, fangs, and enormous scythe-like claws for hands, it opened its hideous mouth and hissed in fury at having to fight its own battle. It had surrounded itself with six more zombies, but it knew they would not last against any team that had made it this far.

Priest, Greensleeves, and Hazel maintained their composure and opened up on the creature. Ichthus and Raven were terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought, and froze up. Thankfully, Gorgeous, Ichthus’ dog, was fearless, and immediately charged the beast and tore into its leathery skin, eliciting a howl of pain from the creature. Priest charged it and immediately laid into it with his staff. Greensleeves and Hazel opened fire on it as well.

It was only a few more seconds before Ichthus and Raven snapped out of it and joined the fray. Raven, seeing that her team was in trouble, brought her matched pistols to bear on the creature and, with several well-placed shots, was able to blow it to near oblivion, so that Hazel’s final shot dropped it for good. The remaining zombies, now devoid of their leader, were no match for the team and were promptly torn to ribbons by teeth, bullets, and blunt weapons.

The job decidedly done, they focused their attention on getting out before the cleanup crew arrived. They made their way to a rear door. Reasonably certain that the dogs were nowhere near the back of the facility, they made a break for the wall and, with a concerted team effort, everyone was able to climb and/or vault over the wall to safety.

Back in the van and on the way back to the airport, they were passed by an unmarked van very similar to theirs going in the opposite direction…

After a short flight, they were back at BPRD headquarters, where Priest got the medical attention he needed and the team retired to their quarters to get some badly needed sleep. But their next adventure began before they could even fall asleep, when Ichthus found a letter from a ghost…




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