BPRD - Giurescu's Shadow

The story so far

Two sessions summarized

We’ve only had two rather brief sessions. We’re just getting started on what I hope turns out to be a long and exciting adventure.

The story so far:
Our heroes, green BPRD recruits fresh out of training, are currently the only trained field investigations team on site when an urgent situation comes up. The team, consisting of exorcist Jerome Freeman (codenamed Ichthus), former IRA brawler whose name I don’t know yet (codenamed Greensleeves), and paranormal investigator Paul Roxas (codenamed Priest), finds itself in the briefing room with Dr. Kate Corrigan and an as yet unidentified black haired woman armed with twin pistols and wearing fatigues.

The lady is introduced as Malka Ravenstein (yes, I borrowed the name from ZombieWorld), codenamed Raven, who is to be the team’s point-man. The agents are then briefed on their first mission.

It seems that an undercover agent (codenamed Hazel) has missed her check-in deadline. She was posted at a secret Zinco research facility located in the Santa Monica mountains. Zinco Corporation is believed to be using stolen Project Ragna Rok technology to open doors that are better left closed. Agent Hazel was undercover at the facility to report on their activities, but has failed to make her weekly check-in. The agents are to investigate, and, if necessary, extract Agent Hazel.

Their travel time passes uneventfully, and before long, the agents find themselves on a hill overlooking the facility. A sweep with binoculars reveals nothing unusual. Agents Greensleeves and Raven sneak around the rear of the facility to see if there is a way to sneak in, while Icthus and Priest decide to try the front door.

Ichthus and Priest try sweet-talking their way past the two extremely nervous guards with no success. They do discover that the guards have lost contact with their colleagues inside the fenceline, but are not permitted to enter the facility to investigate. They eventually allow Ichthus and Priest to enter the outer gate to investigate. Inside, they find another gate and another guard shack, this one empty and smeared with blood. They enter the inner courtyard through the guard shack where they are charged by a pack of zombie dobermans…

To be continued next week.



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