Daniel Lock

A former BPRD point-man, a highly trained operative with a criminal past who got a second chance.


Agent Ghost (real name: Daniel Lock), to borrow a heavily used cliche, was a man with a hidden past. In his previous life, he was nothing but a street urchin, a common thug who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Backed into a corner, he regrettably killed three police officers in an attempt to save himself. As is usually the case with cop killers, they stuck a needle in him.

Far from finding himself in hell, he instead found himself facing a second chance at life when the BPRD staged his execution in order to create a new identity for him and bring him aboard as a weapons specialist, a point man. It was a huge risk, but Dr. Manning and Professor Corrigan saw something in him that made them willing to take that risk. They turned out to be right.

Agent Ghost turned out to be one of their top point men, joining the ranks of famous agents such as Hellboy, Abe Sapien, and Orson Gaines in the annals of BPRD history. Ghost and his field team saved the world, and more than once.

Unfortunately, Ghost has spent most of his career living with the guilt of an event which turned the tide of BPRD history, indeed, even world history.

On an early mission, Ghost and his team were betrayed by one of their own, a fellow agent, in an event known as “The Vlad Incident.” They were almost killed in the ensuing chaos. The betrayer not only survived the battle, but escaped from BPRD custody shortly thereafter, killing several agents in the process.

Ghost never really forgave himself for not keeping his team safe from that threat, though there really was very little he could have done to prevent it.

Ghost is currently on an extended leave from the BPRD, and his whereabouts are unknown. His disappearance may be related to the Vlad Incident.

Daniel Lock

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