Jerome Freeman

A behemoth of a man, a former mercenary turned missionary who can command demons.


Player’s written bio:

Jerome “Ichthus” Freeman

Born, raised in and raised by the streets of Chicago, Jerome Learned to be the kind of tough guy that he deeded to be to survive. He was the big dude line backer for the high school football team, while still maintaining the intellect to learn the Saxophone. He grew up in the early eighties with his younger brother and sister, Benjamin and Jasmine. Benjamin, suffering from hallucination & general hysteria was in and out of mental hospitals since he was a little boy. Jasmine on the other hand was a straight-A student and was the only child in the house hold to believe all of grandma’s stories about God and other “religious myth’s”. Even though Jerome had a strong bond with his siblings, and often played the older brother role of “protector, he wanted to leave the life he knew. So, immediately out of high school, Jerome enlisted in the army. After six months of boot camp, he found himself oversees fighting in Korea.

After the war was over, Jerome left a stronger, better, more confident man. His reputation in the army as a soldier and pilot got him a job in Black Forest, a well organized mercenaries group. However, his life as a soldier was shaken to the core when in 1998, Black Forest became involved in occult affairs. The worst thing about it was that Jerome was kept in the dark about what was really going on until a mission in Japan. This mission started out like any other, a routine area scourge that would involve taking control of a certain warehouse. But when they got inside, Jerome witnessed something he didn’t believe he was really seeing, a witch who had just summoned a demon. The demon killed all his squad mates, Jerome barely made it out alive. He spent the next year running from the Japanese Sect of the Brotherhood, a world-wide organized satanic cult. However, he was eventually able to fake his own death as a car accident back home in Chicago. After this had happened, he didn’t know what to do about his life. He understood nothing about demons, or the occult, most things about religion annoyed him. And so he decided to go to work for the church, he figured this would help work things out (forgiveness through acts). He found a small church in California that was planning a long term missionary trip to Kenya. This intrigued Jerome because his Grandma was from Kenya (that and it was an easy way to help stay invisible to the Brotherhood). So he volunteered his time to be a pilot for those missionaries.

Kenya changed everything. Their mission seemed simple at first, provide medical care and education to the Kenyan people. It became so much more than that though. One year into the mission trip one of the missionary’s kids, an eight year old boy, became extremely sick. He had lost all hearing and couldn’t speak. This confused the missions’ Doctor, Dr. Amelia Haze. The leader of the mission’s trip, Pastor Josh Roberts had a received what he called “word from God” that something demonic was going on. He decided to fast and pray to try and fix what was going on. He stayed in his study for 3 weeks having only water to drink and leaving the room only for the restroom. Jerome was puzzled by this, he had grown to have a great respect for the pastor, but what he was doing seemed pointless, if not stupid. On the 21st day of the fast, Pastor Roberts came out of his study looking energized and strong, nothing like what you would have expected. He came to Jerome saying “it’s time to rock, grab nothing and fallow me.” Jerome followed Roberts in deep into an urban neighborhood and came to a shack; it looked like all the other shacks. Without even knocking, Pastor Roberts smashed the door in and walked inside. There, they saw a witch doctor; Jerome could recognize the title from past encounters with other witch doctors. They all wore the same kind of bones and straw garb. Pastor Roberts immediately began to yell at the witch doctor. “In the name of Jesus Christ and the blood that he shed for his people, I demand you relies your curse on Isaiah!” Jerome was stunned; he didn’t know what to think. This witch doctor was a very large black man, as tall as Jerome was and twice as big, and Pastor Roberts was a short skinny white dude. And yet the witch doctor was obviously more terrified of Roberts then Jerome. If anything, he looked as if he hadn’t even seen the 7’2” black man that came in a few seconds after the pastor had exploded into the little shack. That very second, Jerome’s cell phone rang. Jerome Answered

“Hello?” He heard Dr Haze on the other end with people shouting in the back ground. “Jerome? Where are you? Isaiah talking again! His hearing is back too, I don’t know how to explain it!”
That’s when Jerome dropped the cell phone.

Jerome and Roberts spent the next three days in that shack without taking a break to sleep or eat. During that time period, Pastor Roberts led Jerome to the saving power of the cross. Together Roberts and Jerome exercised every last demon out of that witch doctor. Today, that former witch doctor is now a man named Pual Hydengail, a devote Deacon at a radical church in Chicago. (the same Church that Jerome’s Grandma went to)

Jerome Freeman

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