Paul Roxas

Descended from a long line of BPRD agents, Priest is a shadowy figure with a haunted past who can see into the spirit realm.


Player-written bio:

Name Paul Roxas a.k.a “Priest”

He joined BPRD after his father died in the line of duty and his only living relative is his grandfather. His father and grandfather used to work for BPRD.

Paul was raised with a clan of people who create a pact with a demon. Each family of the clan acquired a piece of the demon that would empower each the family’s own flesh. Paul’s family recieved the eyes of the demon. However this was a blessing and a curse. the “demon eyes” allowed the user to see the unseen, with the price of the more they use the eyes the more they lose the human eyes.

As of right now, Paul’s eyes are half blind. He can’t see anything, but he can “sense” where everything is in the natural world. He can’t tell however if there is a door in front of him or a hole, which does give him great difficulty in the past. When he’s not using his eyes, he uses echo location, similar to daredevil, and acts in all terms and purposes like a blind man. When he does use his eyes, he opens his eyes and could clearly see both in the natural world and supernatural world. His vision is similar to both Altair’s eagle vision and Neo’s vision when he was blinded. Using the “Demon eye’s” does cost a great risk. Along to the risk of losing more vision to his own eyes, it drains him of energy. The longer he uses it, the more energy he loses, then he needs to rest. His limit to using his eyes is around 30 mins to 1 hour.

He wears a cross medallion around his neck, which was given to him by his grandfather.

Paul Roxas

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