Malka Ravenstein

The team's point-man (point person?), a mysterious dark-haired beauty who's dangerous with a pair of pistols.


Born in Israel to former NYPD SWAT captain Jonathan Night and Mossad agent Ziva Ravenstein, Malka grew up learning more about weapons, tactics, and counter-terrorism than she ever did about fairy tales or cartoons. When other children her age were baking cookies with their mothers, Malka was learning to disarm explosives with hers.

Her father had been an expert marksman, and his one (and likely only) lasting contribution to her had been to instruct her, and therefore ensure that she followed in his footsteps. It helped that she was a natural. By age nine, Malka had surpassed even her father in shooting skill.

Unwilling to remain in her native Israel, and less willing to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a Mossad agent, Malka struck out to make her own way, eventually going to work for Interpol as a counter-terrorism specialist. It was during her time with Interpol that Malka learned of the criminal Vladimir Andronikov and began to compile an extensive record of his activities. She formed a good working relationship with the BPRD during this time, and it was during this time that she discovered that she had a half brother, the son of her father from his first marriage in New York: Daniel Lock, the BPRD agent who had witnessed (and barely survived) Andronikov’s brutal attack on his teammates.

Malka and Lock grew to have a very close relationship, as neither up to this point had any close family ties.

Malka attempted to track Andronikov through his various escapades in Central America as well as Eastern Europe, but with limited success. After Lock’s disappearance on the trail of Andronikov, Malka has received taunting messages from Andronikov, some of which hint at the possibility that Lock may be dead. Malka has not told anyone about these messages.

After her brother’s disappearance, Malka went to work for the BPRD, who she felt would be willing to give her greater leeway in tracking Andronikov and finding her brother. She has since been assigned to lead a field investigations team for the bureau.

Malka Ravenstein

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