Vladimir Andronikov

A sociopathic mastermind with a taste for blood.


BPRD file no. 15432-455

NAME: Vladimir Andronikov
DATE OF BIRTH: Unknown (no birth record exists)
FATHER: Victor Andronikov (deceased)
MOTHER: Natasha Andronikov-Sikorski (deceased)

While little is known about Andronikov’s youth, it is known that he was the only child of Victor and Natasha. His mother died in childbirth, having never had the opportunity to see or hold her son.

Growing up with a strict and cruel father, Andronikov learned to bury his emotions deep within. Even among other children, he quickly gained a reputation of being cold and heartless.

Andronikov’s father died in an automobile accident when he was twelve years old. Subsequent investigation showed that the brake lines had been cut, though the investigation went nowhere and no arrest was ever made. After the funeral, Andronikov was seen smiling and laughing over his father’s grave.

Andronikov’s uncle, Peter Sikorski, was placed in charge of the estate. After liquidating all assets, Peter used the money to ensure a future for his nephew.

Shortly after returning to school, Andronikov was taken from his classroom by Politburo officials. He was not seen again by his classmates or his uncle.

Andronikov appears to have gone to work as an interrogation specialist, first for the Soviet Union, and then for Moscow after the fall. He was sighted by deep cover MI6 operatives in Afghanistan in 1987, shortly before disappearing again.

His whereabouts remained unknown until 2000, when he was assigned undercover to the Oscar II class submarine K-141 Kursk as a communications officer. He was there to eliminate an intelligence leak. He was given orders to succeed at any cost. After four weeks with no progress and his superiors demanding results, Andronikov opted to scuttle the sub (an event which was staged to look like an accident). Naturally, his was not among the bodies recovered. It is theorized that he was able to escape by means of a rebreathing device.

Andronikov never returned to his post. In fact, he defected to the United States at this time.

Andronikov was subsequently brought aboard at the BPRD, a decision which would prove to have disastrous results.

His whereabouts are currently unknown, though BPRD agents faced him in the jungles of southern Mexico. Two agents were lost during the assault and are presumed dead. The others, including Agent Lock, barely escaped with their lives.

Andronikov stands 6’3" and weighed approximately 220 lbs. at the time of his defection. He has silver hair and blue eyes. Known for his ruthlessness and raw ability to garner information, Andronikov is wanted by many nations. Some would prefer to take him alive, but would settle just as quickly for a mutilated corpse. Moscow is known to have a standing “shoot on sight” order against him.

Andronikov should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Agents should not attempt to confront him without backup.

Vladimir Andronikov

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