Priest's Sanjiegun

A white cane that quickly becomes a deadly weapon in trained hands

weapon (melee)

Weapon stats:

Priest’s Sanjiegun is a masterwork enchanted weapon. As such, it confers +1 to both damage and attack. It also bypasses magic damage reduction. In any form, it does full damage to undead.

form damage type special abilities
white cane: 1d6+1 blunt +2 to non-lethal attack
bladed staff: 1d8+1 blunt/piercing
sanjiegun: 1d10+1 blunt/piercing reach weapon: 10 ft.
two-handed: 1d8+1/1d8+1 blunt/piercing ac +2, grapple +2, disarm +2

A weapon custom-made for Priest by BPRD weapons R&D. At first glance, the sanjiegun appears to be merely a white cane for use by the blind, thus ensuring that Priest will never be separated from his weapon. Close inspection will reveal runic carvings along its length. A very close inspection might reveal two barely perceptible lines evenly spaced along its length. These lines are the only indication that this staff can actually separate into multiple pieces. There are also four slots around each tip.

In Priest’s hands alone, the weapon, with the appropriate manipulation, will eject four razor sharp blades around each tip (much like a flanged mace). This allows the sanjiegun to be used as a bladed staff. Another twist will cause the three sections to seperate while remaining connected with a braided steel cable attached at each end with a ball bearing joint. This will turn the weapon into a sanjiegun, or three-section staff. It can be used to strike at opponents who are further away, and with its connecting steel cables can also be used to entangle or disarm those opponents foolish enough to get within its reach. It can also be used two-handed, in much the same way as a pair of escrima could be, but with the center section acting as a shield of sorts.

Priest's Sanjiegun

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