One Last Mission

To whomever is brave enough to read this,

If you are reading this then that means I have fallen to the dark. It is hard to foresee the details of my demise, but I know that this is, in all honesty, a suicide mission. My only hope is that I completed my task before I reached my end.

I have discovered the location of an old member of our team. He turned against us a long time ago and now has become a great threat to the world. The last time we faced him we hoped to end things once and for all, but it was only the beginning. He intentionally left us the clues to find him again, and he is waiting.

If I have failed, then it lies on you to finish it. You must find the traitor Vlad and destroy him. He must poison this world no longer. Next you must find Vlad’s master and destroy him as well. Finally, you must find an old friend, Alex, and you must end his suffering. These are not easy tasks and the burden you now carry is great, but this evil needs to be destroyed, and you must find a way to end it.

Good luck, my brave successor.

Above all, I live the oath: “I am a Shadow Slayer. I fight the war of the shadow. It is never ending, yet I am never yielding. They are many, but I am unrelenting. They will fight to no end. I will fight ’til my last breath, and beyond.”


One Last Mission

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